Fresh Squeezed and mumble mumble….

Photo by Brian Malow

My sweetie just sent this image from the airport: Fresh squeezed mango juice! Oh Yum! But wait — with added water.  Okay, diluted. And…what? Sweetened to taste? Whose taste? Mine? You don’t even know me! Help! Police!

The sign on this juice cracked us both up.  They took some perfectly good fresh mangoes, squeezed them to make perfectly good fresh-squeezed mango juice…and then made it into standard, cheap, store-bought-style juice — watered down and with refined sugar added (though at least the juice isn’t heat processed so it’s still got its nutrients intact!).

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2 Responses to Fresh Squeezed and mumble mumble….

  1. GSP says:

    Damn – now I want some mango juice! But that happens everywhere – fresh squeezed or pulped fruit mixed with sweetener. Sad really.

    • At least in this case they let the public know. I wonder how often my fresh-squeezed juice has been doctored without my knowing? (though since dropping sugar from my diet, i’m better able to detect rogue sweeteners.)

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