A Little Link: Foods High in Omega-6

While researching Omega-6 — which is not evil unto itself, and is in fact a quite necessary nutrient which only becomes evil when consumed wildly out of balance with its sibling, Omega-3 — I came across this wonderfully comprehensive list of foods high in 6. Awesome! But — and I knew this already — I can’t look at this list and continue my current guiltiest western diet pleasure: Commercial mayonnaise.

Oh sure, I buy the organic stuff, made from safflower oil and blah blah, but it’s still a seed oil and it’s still heavily processed and it’s still high in Omega-6 and has virtually no Omega-3. Given that the proper ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 is supposed to be just about 1 to 1 (1:1), and the American diet is more like 20:1, I’ve decided I must have the courage of my paleolithic convictions and chuck the mayo. Or learn how to make it at home from friendlier oils.

Some ratios for common oils:

And without further ado, the list of Omega-6 rich foods:


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