A Little Link: The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

A very funny article at Cracked.com about what’s really in your food. (Also, scary. But you’re laughing, so it’s not so horrible after all…right?)

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5 Responses to A Little Link: The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

  1. Philippa says:

    Wow, great find. I’m glad my diet keeps me far away from all the items mentioned. The one about the not so free range chickens rings home to me, with regard to the eggs, rather than the meat. Here in Ontario, our grocery stores offer eggs from “free run” chickens (even though the vast majority of eggs come from caged hens – more than 95%, I am told). In my opinion this wording was very carefully designed to fool people into thinking the chickens are free range. Far from it. All it means is cage-free. The hens live in barns where they never see the light of day. Real free range eggs aren’t available at all in the stores, and the farmers who do produce them, aren’t allowed to sell them beyond their farm gates, making it really difficult for us urbanites living in cities that don’t allow backyard chickens to access the real thing.

    • Oh, absolutely re: the eggs. Early on, I fell for the ‘free range’ greenwashing hype, but when I thought about it a little more cynically, I suspected it was a game, and it absolutely is a game here in the U.S…free range has no real legal definition. It means pretty much what the Cracked.com article says (or worse; hens can still be de-beaked in such operations). Now I source my eggs as locally as possible from small farms…and consider myself lucky to be able do so, since the Feds want to put an end to small farmers ‘endangering’ citizens with their obviously poisonous goods.

      I think it’s criminal to prevent people from buying wholesome food just to protect huge corporate interests. It’s disgusting. Here in California (and many other states) there’s a war being waged against raw milk producers. It’s still legal, but the Feds are using technicalities in the law to bully the farmers into financial submission by forcing them to defend themselves with expensive attorneys. Very, very effective.Their farms are being raided by Federal agents with *guns drawn*. (The guns-a-balzin’ thing is so very American.) The farm where I was getting my wonderful eggs until just two months ago was raided; they are going bankrupt. A retired couple with a farm for their golden years. Not anymore. It’s madness, pure and simple.

      (I understand that pasteurization made milk safer [as far as that goes] for millions upon millions to drink, but that doesn’t make people who *want* raw milk criminals. Yet legally, yes, it does.)

  2. this a movie about a nurse that works in tokyo. where their is a curse that gets passed on to another person, its like a horrifying chain.

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