A Little Link: Time to End the War on Salt

Our taste buds are exquisitely tuned to salt. You don’t comfortably eat over-salted food, and you can’t eat dangerously (I mean literally dangerously) over-salted food: You simply won’t do it. You will spit it out, and even if you do manage to ingest too much salt at once (like a belly full of ocean water), you will simply vomit. For most of us*, our bodies are very, very good at knowing how to handle salt, and how to keep it balanced.

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Recipe: Sugar-Free Mayonnaise Success!

Mayonnaise as it should be: Gorgeous, sexy, and sugar-free.

Finally! I get it! At long last, it worked! Jubilant dance of joy! Happy dance of succcess!

I’ve conquered mayonnaise! I mean, I can now make mayonnaise at home from eggs and oil, not that I took over Miracle Whip headquarters by force (though I considered it). And I can now have my mayonnaise sugar-free, a nearly impossible to find item at the grocery.

After months of searching up recipes and testing them, I found the flaws in my technique (and in many of the recipes — I don’t think every recipe on the internet is kitchen tested, if you know what I mean).

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Low Carb Fail? (Part 2)

In my last post, I discussed a possible low-carb fail on a low-carb tortilla wrap I got at the airport. I wrote to the company to find out what was in the food I was eating, since the label offered little information.

I heard back, briefly, from the San Francisco Soup Company. The gentleman who responded said, simply, “We buy specially made low-carb tortillas.” I asked if he could send me an ingredient list (for surely anyone who sells specialty food to a niche market  — a market with possible medical needs, as with diabetics — should have that available). If they could not give me the ingredients, could they possibly tell me the vendor so I could follow up? No reply.

So what exactly is in a low-carb tortilla? In the case of SFSCo, we may never know (though I am not done pestering them, mwah ha ha!). However, there are plenty of low-carb tortillas out there. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in two different brands in terms of quality of ingredients. Here’s a version from Mama Lupe, which have 3 net grams of carbs per tortilla:

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Low-Carb Fail? (Part 1)

Seen at San Francisco International Airport while looking for something acceptable to eat (me = protein snob).

I found this confusing because a whole-wheat tortilla, while marginally less terrible for you than a white four tortilla (not by much), is pretty much the opposite of low-carb.

I checked the ingredients to see if they were using some space-age carbless wheat flour, but it looks like plain old regular-stregth wheat flour.

The company website (there was no nutrition info on the package) says there are 9 grams of carbs in the sandwich.  A whole-wheat tortilla has 20 grams of carbs. I wonder if the San Francisco Soup Company is doing the same thing as Dreamfields Pasta, with their patent-pending “protected” carbs that you “don’t digest.” Your body supposedly just passes these protected carbs straight through you without absorbing them.

This doesn’t quite work as intended. Dreamfields Pasta has been shown to spike insulin just as much as regular pasta — because that’s what it is, patent pending process notwithstanding. It’s pasta with an industrial processing gimmick applied to it, and processing gimmicks tend to have…unexpected results. Remember Olestra? Frito-Lay had some serious apologizing to do for that laundry bill.

The idea of blocking any nutrients from absorption seems unwise to me. I’d much rather eat something else than a hyperprocessed food that’s been “improved’ by industry (though admittedly, with my flight minutes away, I grabbed and ate the thing).

I shot SF Soup Company an email asking them their secret. I’ll update when they reply.

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Recipe: Strawberry “Shortcake,” Primal Style (gluten-free, no added sugar)

California summer strawberries and raspberries

Since I’ve been asked to refrain from making eggs for breakfast for a while, I decided to make an indulgent Sunday Brunch featuring some Paleo-ish Strawberry Shortcake instead. (Living in California has definite advantages in terms of lots of long-season local produce!)

This recipe features a big, sweet (naturally sweet, natch) glop of heavy cream, so it’s less Paleo and more Primal. Paleo isn’t so much into dairy; Primal says a-ok for some dairy, as long as it’s organic and not homogenized. I love dairy, so I suppose that puts me more in the Primal camp than the Paleo-oh. (Whichever, whatever, right? The basics of healthy eating in both camps are pretty darn similar).

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Recipe: Nutty Paleo “Oatmeal.” (Gluten-Free/Grain-Free)

I can eat eggs every day, multiple times a day, and never get tired of them. They’re the most versatile food I know; they’re not only a fully nutritious food in their own right, they provide structure for souffles, binding for meatloaf and meatballs, and the base for hundreds of recipes both sweet and savory. What’s not to love? Well, maybe I could stop serving them ‘over easy’ every single day — but I like over easy eggs.

Yesterday morning I got a cease and desist from my sweetie: No more eggs. At least for a while. He’s egged out. He’s got yolk-colored eyes at this point, so I agreed, and this morning searched up something different: Oatmeal, Paleo style.

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Moving the blog

We’re migrating the blog to its own domain over the next few days, so we may have some outages. We’ll be back in a flash.  🙂

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