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Recipe: Home Made Bacon Mayonnaise (Eat your heart out, Ancel Keys!)

The other day I was reading through one of the fifty thousand cookbooks I got for my last birthday (since changing my way of eating, I now read cookbooks the way other people read novels), and came across a recipe … Continue reading

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Recipe: Sugar-Free Mayonnaise Success!

Finally! I get it! At long last, it worked! Jubilant dance of joy! Happy dance of succcess! I’ve conquered mayonnaise! I mean, I can now make mayonnaise at home from eggs and oil, not that I took over Miracle Whip … Continue reading

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A Little Link: Foods High in Omega-6

While researching Omega-6 — which is not evil unto itself, and is in fact a quite necessary nutrient which only becomes evil when consumed wildly out of balance with its sibling, Omega-3 — I came across this wonderfully comprehensive list … Continue reading

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Coconut Oil Mayonnaise? Oh noes…

Today I found yet another recipe on the ‘net for homemade mayonnaise. The perfect mayonnaise recipe is my Holy Grail. I’ve yet to find one that satisfies my criteria for ‘mayonnaise,’ and this one was no exception.  When I first … Continue reading

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